A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

19 pts

A.Text-based tasks24 pts
1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Bali has always had a problem with rubbish.
wrong (line 10/11)
b) In a fourteen-storey building in Bali 680 cubic metres of plastic are produced a day.
wrong (line 13/14)
c) Most of the plastic bags in Bali do not get recycled.
right (line 14, 15)
d) Plastic bags are forbidden in Rwanda.
right (line 24)
e) The Balinese govenor reacted whithin eighteen months.
wrong (line 32/33)
f) The govenor arrested the girls with the help of the police.
wrong (line 39, 40)
2. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.7 pts
a) The day when plastic bags will be illegal in Bali …2 pts
…will be a dream come true for Melati and Isabel. 
…will be a great day for the two girls Melati and Isabel. 
b) Beach clean-ups and school presentations …2 pts
… were organized by the sisters.
… were an important part of their campaign.
c) A famous Internet channel in London …1 pt
…asked Melati and Isabel to give a video talk (online).
d) A huge reaction on social media …2 pts
… was caused by their hunger strike.
… made their hunger strike successful.
… was the reason why the govenor agreed to meet the girls and to help them.
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.8 pts
a) How do Melati and Isabel attract the tourists´ attention at the airport? (line 1 - 6)
They greet the tourists with the Balinese greeting gesture. 
They ask them if they have plastic bags to declare.
b) Why are plastic bags bad for marine animals? (line 16 - 19)
Plastic bags cause the death of fish and other animals.
Plastic bags can make it hard for marine animals to hunt and eat.
c) How did the two girls get motivated to start a campaign? (2 items) (line 20 - 25)
They had learned about change makers like Mahatma Gandhi at Green School.
They found out, that Rwanda, one of the poorest countries, had banned plastic bags in 2008.
d) What did the girls learn from Mahatma Gandhi´s political actions?
They learned that you can reach your goal through peaceful actions like hunger strikes and marches.
They learned that peaceful actions can change things.
4. Ask questions.6 pts
You have the possibility to talk to Melati and Isabel.
Ask them four questions about their meeting with the govenor.
four different question forms.
 - Were you nervous when you met teh govenor for the first time?
 - Did you talk about the future of your projekt?
 - How is the govenor going to help you with your projekt?
 - What did the govenor promise?
 - What did you talk about with the govenor?
 - Where did the meeting take place?
 - How did you feel at the meeting?
 - How is the govenor going to support your projekt?