C. Creative writing

27 pts

Diese Aufgabe kannst du nur betrachten, wenn du dein Smartphone quer hältst, da sie sonst zu groß ist.

Quer halten funktioniert nicht? Dann:

Die Aufgabe ist dann möglicherweise verschoben oder falsch skaliert.

1. Give your opinion.9 pts
Choose one of the following statements and write about 60 words.
a)Smartphones are helpful gadgets.
b) Online shopping kills local shops.
c) Doing sport in a group is more fun than excercising alone.
Choose task 2 a) or 2 b). Do not work on both tasks.
2. a) Write an e-mail.18 pts
You have found an advert on the internet about an international summer camp in England.
The organizers are looking for teenagers aged 16 to 19 who are able to work with children. Send your application to:

Write about 120 words.
2. b) Write an article.18 pts
Write an article for your school magazine. Use following heading:

The most exciting day of my school life
Write about 120 words.