B. Use of language

21 pts

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1. Find words or expressions in the text that mean more or less the sameme.3 pts
a) reaction(lines 14-22)
b) worldwide(lines 14-22)
c) not long ago(lines 36-42)
2. Find the opposites. 3 pts
a) high (line 6)
b) worse(line 29)
c) continues(lines 41/42)
3. Explain two of the following words in complete sentences.4 pts
a) famous(line 6)
b) experts(line 14)
c) to ban(line 37)
4. Vocabulary - Grammar 11 pts
Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
Facts about Australia
Australia is an _____ democracy with a population of more than
22 million. It is one of the world´s most urbanised _____, with
about 70 percent of the population _____ in the ten largest cities.
Australia is also a multiculutral _____ with people from almost
200 nations. Australian English does not differ _____ from other
forms of English, although some colloquial slang _____ are
Australia´s national day, _____ is celebrated on 26 January, marks
the date in 1788 when Capitain Arthur Philip _____ into Port
Jackson. This day _____ "Australia Day".
One of the earliest export goods was wool. Since then a more
diverse export industrie _____.
Tourism and _____, as well as producing an selling high quality
food and wine are also important for Australian economy.
a) independance
b) country
c) live
d) social
e) significant
f) express

g) ?
h) sail
i) call
j) develop
k) educate
Adapted from: https://www.about-australia.com/australia-in-brief