A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

24 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.2 pts
a) Algae make corals colourful.
right (line 16/17)
b) Global warming is responsible for the termal stress of the corals.
right (line 17/18)
c) By expanding the coral port next to GBR there will be more food for the marine
wrong (line 33 - 35)
d) Some parts of the GBR have already recovered.
right (line 37)
Match the people with the statements according to the text.
Two statements do not match.
Example: 5 - g)
4 pts
1Greg Hunt - d)
2a scientist - a)
3a farmer - e)
4a tourist - c)
a) "The result of my last study shows that it´s important to act as soon as possible
to help the ecosystem."
b) "I will continue visiting this country even if the ecosystem suffers from further
c) "I won´t come here again if the GBR isn´t alive anymore."
d) "Building industrial sites is good for our economy."
e) "I´ve always used agricultural chemicals and will use them in the future."
f) "The corals will profit from the construction process."
3. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.5 pts
a) Many species of marine animals …1 pt
… live on the Great Barrier Reef. (line 1 - 6)
… are in danger. 
… are threatened by global warming / pollution / chemicals from minig activities. (line 27 - 30)
b) Coral bleaching is the reason …2 pts
… why corals die. (line 11)
… why the reef could /might collapse by 2030. (line 13)
… why tourists might stay away.  (line 41)
c) Looking at satellite pictures of Australia´s east coast ...2 pts
… you can see large white sections of the GBR. (line 21/22)
… it becomes clear, that large sections of the GBR have already gone
    complete white. (line 21/22)
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.8 pts
a) Why is the Barrier Reef economically important for Australia? (2 items) (line 8 - 10)
The GBR is a very popular tourist attraction.
The GBR generates a huge profit (of up to 6 billion Australian dollars).
The GBR creates a lot of jobs / 64,000 jobs.
b) Why is Terry Huges angry?  (line 23 - 26)
He thinks the Australian Government should have acted sooner to prevent te coral bleaching.
c) How does agriculture affect the GBR? (line 28 - 29)
Chemicals that are used in intensive farming pollute the sea via local rivers.
d) What are 1 million cubic metres of earth and rock needed for? (line 32/33)
The material is needed for the construction of a (bigger / larger) coal port.
4. Ask questions.6 pts
You meet Mr Black, a member of a group that wants to save the reef.
Ask him four questions about the group´s work and activities.
four different question forms.
 - What was your most successful activity in the past?
 - What kind of work is the group doing?
 - Will you be able to stop the expansion of the coal port?
 - Has the group already organized a protest?
 - How many hours do you work in order to save the reef?
 - Do you usually work alone or in teams?
 - Where does the group work from?
 - Is it dangerous to work for your group?