A. Text-based tasks

24 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.2 pts
a) Algae make corals colourful.
b) Global warming is responsible for the termal stress of the corals.
c) By expanding the coral port next to GBR there will be more food for the marine
d) Some parts of the GBR have already recovered.
Match the people with the statements according to the text.
Two statements do not match.
Example: 5 - g)
4 pts
1Greg Hunt
2a scientist
3a farmer
4a tourist
a) "The result of my last study shows that it´s important to act as soon as possible
to help the ecosystem."
b) "I will continue visiting this country even if the ecosystem  suffers from further
c) "I won´t come here again if the GBR isn´t alive anymore."
d) "Building industrial sites is good for our economy."
e) "I´ve always used agriculturl chemicals and will use them in the future."
f) "The corals will profit from the construction process."
3. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.5 pts
a) Many species of marine animals …1 pt
b) Coral bleaching is the reason …2 pts
c) Looking at satellite pictures of Australia´s east coast ...2 pts
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.8 pts
a) Why is the Barrier Reef economically important for Australia? (2 items)
b) Why is Terry Huges angry?
c) How does agriculture affect the GBR?
d) What are 1 million cubic metres of earth and rock needed for?
4. Ask questions.6 pts
You meet Mr Black, a member of a group that wants to save the reef.
Ask him four questions about the group´s work and activities.
four different question forms.