C. Creative writing

27 pts

Diese Aufgabe kannst du nur betrachten, wenn du dein Smartphone quer hältst, da sie sonst zu groß ist.

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1. Give your opinion.9 pts
Choose one of the following statements and write about 60 words.
a)Every child should take care of a pet.
b) At the age of 16 you should travel without your parents.
c) It is not good to watch too many soaps on TV.
Choose task 2 a) or 2 b). Do not work on both tasks.
2. a) Write an e-mail.18 pts
In the newspaper you read an advertisement for a job as a dog sitter. Write an e-mail to
apply for the job.
Write about 120 words.
2. b) Write a story.18 pts
Finish the story in about 120 words.
Last night I had a dream. I was invisible1. ...
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