A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

25 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) The number of animals coming into cities has increased.
right (line 4)
b) Car traffic is the only danger for baboons.
wrong (line 15 / 16)
c) Releasing baboons in the countryside has only been partly successful.
right (line 21)
d) The dogs in Moscow always live in groups.
wrong (line 25 / 26)
e) The dogs in Moscow have got used to living in the city.
right (line 26 / 27)
f) City councils have not yet found a solution for keeping dangerous wild animals
out of cities.
right (line 21 / 22)
2. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.8 pts
a) Looking for food …
… is the reason why wild animals come into cities. (line 10)
or: … in cities is dangerous for wild animals. (line 15)
b) Electric cables …
… can electrocute / kill / seriously injure baboons when they play with them. (line 15 - 17)
… are a danger for baboons. (line 15 - 17)
c) To cross a street safely the dogs in Moscow …
… wait for people to start walking. (line 27 - 29)
or: … seem to watch the traffic lights. (line 27 - 29)
d) Passengers on the metro in Moscow often do not ...
… notice / see /pay attention to the dogs. (line 29 / 30)
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.8 pts
a) What can happen if baboons manage to get into people´s houses? (2 items)   (line 12 - 14)
Baboons can take / steal food from kitchen cupboards and fridges. 
They can attack / hurt / injure pets. 
b) Why do the Baboon Monitors release the baboons in the countryside after catching
(line 18 - 21)
They want to minimise the conflict between baboons and humans.
or: As baboons are an endangered species, the Baboon Monitors try to protect them by 
     releasing the baboons in their natural surrounding.
c) Where do the dogs living on the streets in Moscow come from (2 items)   (line 24 /25)
Some of the dogs are born wild others are pets that have been left behind by their owners.
d) What helps the dogs to recognise their destinations on the metro according to what
scientists believe? (2 items)   (line 31 - 33)
The dogs use their sense of smell.
They recognize the stations by hearing / listening to the announcements.
4. Ask questions.6 pts
You have the chance to talk to Tanita Khan from Mumbai.
Ask them four questions about the leopards that come to the city.
four different question forms.
 - Have you ever seen a leopard in Mumbai?
 - Why do leopards come into Mumbai?
 - How do the animals get into the city?
 - Does the thougt of leopards in Mumbai scare / frighten you?
 - Are the leopards aggressive towards humans?
 - What can be done about the leopards?
 - When did the leopards begin to come into Mumbai?
 - What will the city council do about the leopards in the future?