A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Malala´s father was the head of a school.
right (line 3)
b) Under the Taliban girls were forbidden to go to school.
right (line 8-10)
c) Malala´s blogger identity became known to the public.
right (line 15/16)
d) The girls on the school bus talked to the gunmen.
wrong (line 19/20)
e) Malala held a speech at an American university.
wrong (line 27/28)
f) Nobody had ever won the Nobel Price at that early age.
right (line 36)
2. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.10 pts
a) The Taliban takeover …2 pts
… of Malala´s hometown in northwestern Pakistan. (line 5/6)
or: … meant that education for women was banned. (line 9)
b) Hundreds of schools in Malala´s district …1 pt
… were destroyed by the Taliban. (line 9/10)
c) The Taliban tried to silence Malala because …2 pts
… she became well known for her views on girls´ education. (line 18)
or: … she wrote in her blog about her experience as a girl going to school
under the Taliban. (line 11/12)
d) An American university …2 pts
… was inspired by Malala´s book to start a course about the importance
of education for girls. (line 33/34)
or: … offered a course about the importance of education for girls. (line 33/34)
e) Kaylash Satyarthi …1 pt
… shares the Nobel Peace Prize with Malala. (line 36/37)
or: … is an Indian activist, who campains for children´s rights. (line 36/37)
f) For millions of children …2 pts
… it is not possible to go to school. (line 38/39)
or: … there is no opportunity to go to school. (line 38/39)
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.8 pts
a) How did the girls show that they were afraid of going to school under the Taliban?
(2 items)
The girls did not go to school anymore and they no longer wore school uniforms.
or: They stayed away from school and they no longer wore school uniforms.
b) Why did the UN make July 12 Malala Day?
They wanted to support Malala´s campaign for the right of children to get an education.
or: The UN made July 12 Malala Day because they wanted to support Malala´s campaign.
c) How can you fight the extremists according to Malala?
You can fight them by using books and pens as "weapons".
or: You can fight them with education.
d) What shows that the Taliban did not manage to silence her? (2 items)
She survived the attack of the Taliban, which made her even more famous than before.
or: Malala continues to give her voice to millions of children, spoke to the UN
and even got the Nobel Peace Prize.
4. Ask questions.6 pts
- How did you feel when you got the prize?
- Who gave you the prize?
- Where did the ceremony take place?
- How was the ceremony?
- Were you accompanied by someone? Was anybody with you?
- Did you have to say anything?