C. Creative writing

27 pts

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1. Give your opinion.9 pts
Choose one of the following statements and write about 60 words.
a)Our society needs teenagers who do voluntary work.
b) It is a chance for the whole class to have a pupil with disabilities among them.
c) Role models are important in life.
Choose task 2 a) or 2 b). Do not work on both tasks.
2. a) Write a diary entry.18 pts
Finish the diary entry in about 120 words.
Dear Diary,
You won´t believe it, but today something really cool happened to me…
2. b) Write a letter of complaint.18 pts
Back home from summer camp you write a letter to the organizer ans complain about the accommodation, the programme, the food etc.
Write to:
Independent Lake Camp
70 Clark Road
Thompson, PA 18465
Write about 120 words.

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