B. Use of language

18 pts

1. Find the opposites in the text. 3 pts
a) amateur(lines 1-10)
b) ugly(lines 34-37)
2. Find words or expressions in the text that mean more or less the same.2 pts
a) timetable(lines 1-10)
b) at once(lines 16-20)
3. Explain two of the following words in complete sentences.4 pts
a) competition(lines 4/5)
b) national(line 32)
c) to donate(line 40)
4. Vocabulary - Grammar 10 pts
Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
Risky jumps into the sea
Britain´s fantastic summer with some of the _____ weather
for years has led to a _____ trend: tombstoning.
A tombstoner _____ a very high place into deep watere,
staying upright and falling like a stone.
There have already been terrible accidents. In May two young men
were paralysed1 after tombstoning in Cornwall. In July youngsters
_____ jumping off a 20-metre high harbour wall in
Plymouth, where a tombstonig teenager had been _____
injured in 2010.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) warns against tomb-
stoning. Peter Dawes, the organisation´s Head of Prevention and Life-
guards, said:"The RNLI always advices people never to tombstone -
they wouldn´t expect to jump off a high _____ and walk
away." If people still want to thrill of _____ off a cliff, pier
or harbour wall, the RNLI says they should make sure they follow
their _____:
-  Make sure that the water is deep enough. If you jump from a _____
   of ten metres, the water depth must be at last 5 metres.
-  Check for dangers in the water like rocks _____ may not be
a) hot
b) danger
c) to jump off

d) to see
e) bad

f) to build
g) to fall

h) to advise
i) high
j) ?
Adapted from:"Read On" (09/2013), Carl Ed. Schünemann Verlag KG, Bremen
1 paralysed - gelähmt

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