A. Text-based tasks

27 pts

1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Bethany won her first competition at the age of eight.
b) Bethany´s training times became more flexible when she was home-schooled.
c) When she left the house on the morning of the attac, it looked like a good day for
d) When Bethany went surfing, she went to the same place every day.
e) After the attac Bethany suffered from nightmares.
f) Twelve months after the attac she took part in competitions all over the world. 
2. Finish the senteces using the information from the text. 6 pts
a) When she was 5 years old …2 pts
b) A group of friends …1 pt
c) Bethany´s left arm …2 pts
d) Keeping calm after the shark bite …2 pts
e) She did not want other people …1 pt
f) Child amputees around the world …2 pts
3. Match each of this headings with a suitable paragraph from the text.
    Some paragrafhs do not match. Write down the lines: a) lines …to…)
 6 pts
a) Back to competitive surfing2 pts
b) The attack1 pt
c) Charity work2 pts
d) Bethany´s worries decisions about her future2 pts
e) Bethany´s early career 1 pt
f) Bethany´s daily routine before the accident2 pts
4. Answer the questions in complete sentences.6 pts
a) What did Bethany worry about after the accident?
b) How did Bathany overcome her fear after the accident?
c) What did the accident teach Bethany?
5. Ask questions.6 pts
You have the chance to meet Bethany´s mother.
Ask her four questions about her daughter´s career as a professional surfer.
four different question forms.

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