A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

27 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Bethany won her first competition at the age of eight.
right (lines 3-5)
b) Bethany´s training times became more flexible when she was home-schooled.
right (lines 6-8)
c) When she left the house on the morning of the attack, it looked like a good day for
wrong (line 12/13)
d) When Bethany went surfing, she went to the same place every day.
wrong (line 13/14)
e) After the attack Bethany suffered from nightmares.
wrong (line 17/18)
f) Twelve months after the attack she took part in competitions all over the world. 
wrong (line 32/33)
2. Finish the senteces using the information from the text. 6 pts
a) When she was 5 years old …2 pts
… she tried to surf for the first time. (line 1/2)
or: … Bethany first tried to surf (line 1/2)
b) A group of friends …1 pt
… paddled out with Bethany to wait for a few good waves. (line 14/15)
or: … met Bethany to go surfing. (line 14/15)
c) Bethany´s left arm …2 pts
… was bitten off by a (tiger) shark. (line 16/17)
d) Keeping calm after the shark bite …2 pts
… probably saved her life. (line 19/20)
or: … helfed her to survive. (line 19/20)
e) She did not want other people …1 pt
… to feel sorry for her. (line 23/24)
or: … to pity her. (line 23/24)
f) Child amputees around the world …2 pts
… are given money by the organization "Friends of Bethany". (line 40/41)
or: … receive money by the organization "Friends of Bethany". (line 40/41)
3. Match each of this headings with a suitable paragraph from the text.
    Some paragrafhs do not match. Write down the lines: a) lines …to…)
 6 pts
a) Back to competitive surfing2 pts
lines 30-33
b) The attack1 pt
lines 16-20
c) Charity work2 pts
lines 38-41
d) Bethany´s worries decisions about her future2 pts
lines 21-26
e) Bethany´s early career 1 pt
lines 1-10
f) Bethany´s daily routine before the accident2 pts
lines 11-15
4. Answer the questions in complete sentences.6 pts
a) What did Bethany worry about after the accident?
Bethany was afraid that she could not go surfing anymore.
or: She worried about her future.
b) How did Bathany overcome her fear after the accident?
She went back into the water shortly after the attack.
or: She went on surfing.
c) What did the accident teach Bethany?
It taught her that people can do whatever they want if they just set their heart to it 
and never give up.
or: It taught her that she can overcome difficult things.
5. Ask questions.6 pts
 - How many competitions has Bethany won so far?
 - Where are the competitions she takes part in?
 - How were you able to help Bethany after the accident?
 - Why did Bethany start a professional career as a surfer after her accident?
 - Does you daughter like what she is doing at the moment?
 - Are you proud of your daughter´s success?
 - Has your daughter ever need a professional help?
 - Does she sometimes still have problems surfing with only one arm?