D. Skills and techniques

18 pts

1. Mediation 6 pts
You are in a bookshop in London and watch a woman who has problems talking to the assistant in English. So you help her.
a) YOU:Kann ich Ihnen helfen?
WOMAN:Das ist sehr freundlich. Ich möchte meinem Enkel gerne ein Buch in englischer Sprache mitbringen.
 1 pt
b) ASSISTANT:I see. How old is her grandson and what does he like reading?
 1 pt
WOMAN:Er ist 15, und es muss etwas Spannendes sein, denn er liest nicht so gerne.
c) YOU: 
 1 pt
ASSISTANT:What about "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"? The book´s really funny and my son liked it a lot. It´s a special offer this week.
d) YOU: 
 2 pts
WOMAN:Ich glaube, das wäre was für ihn. Das nehme ich und vielen Dank für die Hilfe.
e) YOU: 
 1 pt
2. Pass on the information12 pts
Lies die folgenden Texte über Seattle und beantworte die Fragen auf Deutsch.
a) Was bietet der Markt außer Lebensmitteln? (2 Angaben)2 pts
b) Wann ist der Markt geöffnet?1 pt
c) Wie kommt man am besten zum Markt? (2 Angaben)2 pts
d) Wie kommen wir auf die Aussichtsplattform der Space Needle?1 pt
e) Warum ist neben dem guten Essen der Besuch des SkyCity Restaurants
empfehlenswert? (2 Angaben)
2 pts
f) Was kostet der Eintritt für 16-Jährige?1 pt
g) Was kann man mit einem Day & Night Ticket machen?2 pts
h) Wie lange sind Online Tickets gültig?1 pt
Pike Place Market
1Born in 1907, Seattle´s Pike Place Market is the granddaddy of farmers´ markets. Today
it´s a major tourist attraction with 200 businesses operating year-round, 190 craftspeople
and 120 farmer booths - plus street performers and musicians. Flowers, flying fish, fruit,
handmade cheeses, local honey, wine and lots of surprises are around every corner.
5Winter, spring, summer and fall, Pike Place Market is open seven days a week, closing
only on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year´s Day.

Parking Garages in and near the market can be filled early on busy summer days. So, if
you´re coming to the Market for Centennial Events this summer, consider coming early in
the day. Better yet, leave the car at home and travel by bus. Another suggestion is to park
near the Seattle Center and ride the Monorail downtown.
The Space Needle - Seattle´s ultimate `must see´!
1You can´t go to Paris without stopping at the Eiffel Tower. And you can´t visit Seattle
without checking out the view from the world-famous Space Needle.

A 41-second elevator ride takes you up 520 feet to the observation deck of the Space
Needle, built for the 1962 World´s Fair. Enjoy a meal at SkyCity, the restaurant at the top
that revolves 360° while you dine. If you dine at SkyCity, a ticket is not required. Com-
plimentary access to the Observation deck is included in your meal.

Prices and tickets
Adult (ages 13 - 64):                  $ 19.00
Youth (ages 4 - 12):                   $ 12.00
Senior (age 64 +):                     $ 17.00
Child (age 3 and under):            Free

Day & Night Adult:                      $ 26.00
Day & Night Youth:                     $ 17.00

These tickets allow you to visit the Space Needle twice within a 24-hour period - once
during the day and once at night.
All tickets purchased on this website are non-refundable and valid for one year from the
time of purchase.

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