C. Creative writing

27 pts

Diese Aufgabe kannst du nur betrachten, wenn du dein Smartphone quer hältst, da sie sonst zu groß ist.

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1. Give your opinion.9 pts
Choose one of the following statements and write about 60 words.
a)A woman should stop working when she has kids.
b) Romantic books are only for girls.
c) Watching the film based on a book is better than reading the book.
Choose task 2 a) or 2 b). Do not work on both tasks.
2. a) Write an article.18 pts
Your class organized last year´s Halloween party at your school. After the party you write an article for your school´s website in about 120 words.
2. b) Write a story.18 pts
Start like this and write about 120 words.
After a long flight we finally arrived at our hotel. When I opened my suitcase...

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