B. Use of language - Lösung

18 pts

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1. Find words or expressions in the text that mean more or less the same.3 pts
a) huge(lines 5-10)          enormous (line 9)
b) continued(lines 11-16)        carried on (line 14/15)
c) hard(lines 17-21)        difficult (line 17)
2. Explain two of the following words in complete sentences.4 pts
a) dream(line 11)
A drean is a story you see / imagine when you sleep.
b) bestseller(line 24)
A bestseller is a book which is bought by a lot of people.
A bestseller is a book which has been very successful.
c) to struggle(line 27)
"To struggle" is another word for "to fight".
"To struggle" means to try hard to achieve something.
3. Vocabulary - Grammar 11 pts
Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
What is an e-book?
Everyone is talking about e-books at the moment.
But what
exactly are they?
Basically, whatever you read on a screen instead of on paper
is called an e-book.
And of course, an e-book can be more than just text. It can also include
photos, graphics and videos.
You can download e-books onto a laptop or a
personal digital
assistant so you can read them while
travel / travelling.
There are also portable e-book readers which are very
These e-book readers are about the same size
as a book.
But you can store lots of books on them - and whatever you write can
be transferred to a PC.
Reading on a screen all the time might get hard on the eyes, but
screens are getting
The screens of e-books give you a better picture
than a
television does.
a) talk
b) exact
c) call

d) person
e) travel
f) use
g) ?

h) transfer
i) read
 j) good
k) ?