A. Text-based tasks

27 pts

1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Vampires are usually very kind creatures.
b)1 The author´s vampires do not drink human blood.
c) The idea for Twilight came from a song Stephenie Meyer had heared.
d) She was an English teacher in Utah.
e) She became a housewife after her third child was born.
f)1Before Twilight the author did not wrote books.
2. Find information in the text about … (2 items each)
(You do not have to write complete sentences.)
5 pts
a) vampires in horror stories
b) the success of Stephenie Meyer´s books… have had a difficult job for centuries.
c) Stephenie´s way of living
d) characteristics of Stephenie Meyer´s vampires
e) Stephenie Meyer´s plan for her future
3. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.5 pts
a) Finishing the book …
b) Making up stories …
c) Thirteen publisher …
d) 1 Stephenie Meyer´s books …
e) The Host ...
4. Answer the questions in complete sentences using the information
    from the text.
8 pts
a) What did the vampire tell the young girl in Stephenie Meyer´s dream?
b) Why did she wait so long to write her first story?
c) How does the author make her stories so exciting?
d)1 Why did she want to do something completely different after finishing the series of
vampitre books?
5. Ask questions. 6 pts
Stephenie Meyer has been invited to your town for a special reading session.
Ask her four questions about her work as an author.
four different question forms.

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