A. Text-based tasks - Lösung

27 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.3 pts
a) Vampires are usually very kind creatures.
wrong (lines 1-4)
b)1 The author´s vampires do not drink human blood.
right (line 7/8)
c) The idea for Twilight came from a song Stephenie Meyer had heared.
wrong (line 11)
d) She was an English teacher in Utah.
wrong (line 18)
e) She became a housewife after her third child was born.
wrong (line 18/19)
f)1Before Twilight the author did not wrote books.
right (line 19/20)
2. Find information in the text about … (2 items each)
(You do not have to write complete sentences.)
5 pts
a) vampires in horror stories
 - suck blood with their pointed teeth
 - fly like bats
 - sleep in coffins
 - live forever
 - are usually evil
lines 2-4
b) the success of Stephenie Meyer´s book
 - sold more than 10 million copies worldwide
 - topped bestseller lists
 - a film version was released
 - her vampires are different
lines 23-26
c) Stephenie´s way of living
 - has strong religious beliefs
 - does not drink alcohol, tea or coffee
 - does not smoke
 - has strikt views on sexuality
lines 28-29
d) characteristics of Stephenie Meyer´s vampires
 - are incredibly beautiful, intelligent and kind
 - control their desires for human blood
 - want to live among humans
 - sometimes fall in love with humans
lines 6-8, 10
e) Stephenie Meyer´s plan for her future
 - plans a lot more stories
 - wants to take a break from vampire stories
 - is torn between two stories but she is going to decide on one of them very soon
lines 34-37
3. Finish the senteces using the information from the text.5 pts
a) Finishing the book …
… took her three months. (line 15/16)
or: …was difficult, because Stephenie Meyer had three young children to look after. (line 17/18)
b) Making up stories …
… is something Stephenie Meyers likes. (line 19/20)
or: … was her hobby.  (line 19/20)
c) Thirteen publisher …
… did not accept Stehenie´s book Twilight. (line 22)
or: … did not want to publish her manuscript. (line 22)
d) 1 Stephenie Meyer´s books …
… have topped bestseller lists. (line 24)
or: … are a great success (line 26)
e) The Host ...
… is the title of another book by Stephenie Meyer. (line 35)
or: … is completely different from her other books. (line 35/36)
4. Answer the questions in complete sentences using the information
    from the text.
8 pts
a) What did the vampire tell the young girl in Stephenie Meyer´s dream?
He told the girl how hard it was for him not to drink her blood and kill her.
b) Why did she wait so long to write her first story?
She did not think that anyone would want to read it.
c) How does the author make her stories so exciting?
She mixes good and bad vampires who fall in love with human teenagers.
or: The stories are exciting and romantic.
d)1 Why did she want to do something completely different after finishing the series of
vampire books?
Vampires did not seem to be a challenge any more.
or: She needed a break from vampires.
5. Ask questions.6 pts
 - Was it difficult for you to write these stories?
 - Why did you want to create good vampires?
 - Where do you write your stories?
 - Do your children like your books?
 - How old were you when you started writing?
 - How has writing these stories changed your life?
 - What gave you the idea to write a book about vampires?