C. Creative writing

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1. Give your opinion.9 pts
Choose one of the following statements and write about 60 words.
a)Mike´s parents should not have allowed him to sail around the world on his own.
b) It is important for young people to gain experience outside school.
c) Some extreme sports should be banned.
Choose task 2 a) or 2 b). Do not work on both tasks.
2. a) Write a story.18 pts
Look at the picture and
bild_2012_cwQuelle: © Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime.com
write a story of about 120 words.
2. b) Write an e-mail.18 pts
St Albans School
Summer Programmes

This summer St Albans offers sports activities like
tennis, swimming, football and many more.
You want to be a coach and work in our team?
Apply to: www.stalbansschool.org/summer
You have found this job offer for sports coaches. You are interested and send your
application. Write an e-mail of about 120 words.

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