B. Use of language

18 pts

1. Find words or expressions in the text that mean more or less the same.2 pts
a) grown-ups(lines 29-34)
b) gifted(lines 29-34)
2. Find the opposites.  2 pts
a) many(line 15)
b) strenght(line 20)
3. Explain one of the following words in complete sentences.2 pts
a) amazing(line 7)
b) sunset(line 14)
c) to explore(line 27)
4. Vocabulary - Grammar 12 pts
Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
Mike attended the _____ Oakland´s Sport Academy
in St. Albans, where he _____ for a National Sports
When Mike was young, he _____ his adventures with
his parents exploring the hills and mountains of the Lake
Distrikt _____ foot.
In 2007, at the age of fourteen, Mike became the
_____ person _____ had ever sailed across the
Atlantic single-handed.
Mike likes all water sports _____ canoeing, water
skiing and wind surfing. He is  _____ in biking,
mountaineering and camping and he also is a keen down-
hill skier and jazz_____.
Mike lives his dreams and _____ everyone to share
his experience in his blogs and videos. He has almost his
whole _____ ahead of him. He hopes to be a
successful adventurer.
and in the years to come we may all learn from his posi-
tive attitude and _____
a) fame
b) study

c) start

d) on / by / to

e) young     f) ?

g) include
h) interest

i) drums
j) invite

k) live

l) cheer
Adapted from: http://www.sjdentmgt.com/Mike-Perham/Our-Clients

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