B. Use of language - Lösung

18 pts

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1. Find words or expressions in the text that mean more or less the same.2 pts
a) grown-ups(lines 29-34)          adults (line 29)
b) gifted(lines 29-34)          talented (line 33)
2. Find the opposites.  2 pts
a) many(line 15)                 the few
b) strenght(line 20)                 weakness
3. Explain one of the following words in complete sentences.2 pts
a) amazing(line 7)
"Amazing" is the same as "great" / "awesome"
b) sunset(line 14)
"Sunset" is the opposite of "sunrise".
c) to explore(line 27)
"To explore" is the same as "to find out about".
Thor Heyerdahl explored the settlement of the pacific islands.
4. Vocabulary - Grammar 12 pts
Read the text. Find the suitable forms of the words and write them down.
Mike attended the famous Oakland´s Sport Academy
in St. Albans, where he
was studying for a National Sports
When Mike was young, he
started his adventures with
his parents exploring the hills and mountains of the Lake
on foot.
In 2007, at the age of fourteen, Mike became the
youngest person who / that had ever sailed across the
Atlantic single-handed.
Mike likes all water sports
including canoeing, water
skiing and wind surfing. He is
interested in biking,
mountaineering and camping and he also is a keen down-
hill skier and jazz
Mike lives his dreams and
invites everyone to share
his experience in his blogs and videos. He has almost his
life ahead of him. He hopes to be a
successful adventurer.
and in the years to come we may all learn from his posi-
tive attitude and
cheerful nature.
a) fame
b) study

c) start

d) on / by / to

e) young     f) ?

g) include
h) interest

i) drums
j) invite

k) live

l) cheer
Adapted from: http://www.sjdentmgt.com/Mike-Perham/Our-Clients