A. Text-based tasks

23 pts

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1. Decide whether the following statements are right or wrong.2 pts
a) Mike started his trip around the world in spring.
b)1 He began his voyage in Cape Town.
c) The boy had to face a lot of problems on his journey.
d) Most adults say that teenagers should have a certain age for such challenges.
2. Finish the sentences using the information from the text.4 pts
a) After crossing the finishing line between England and France Mike won …
b) Mike passed the Panama Canal in order to …
c) He often had to stay awake because …
d) 1 Young sailors not only need to be talented but also …
3. Answer the questions in complete sentences.6 pts
a) How did Mike finance his sailing adventure round the world?
b) What does Mike like about sailing? (2 items)
c) What did Libby Purves warn about?
4. Match the headings with the five paragraphs in the text.
    Write down the lines … - … (Two of the headings do not match)
5 pts
a) Adults´ and journalists´ oppinions
b) Mike´s first success
c) Good and bad experiences
d) Information about seasons
e) Mike´s supporters
f) The route of Mike´s round-the-world voyage
g) Facts about Mike´s classmates
5. Ask questions.6 pts
After Mike´s return you meet his parents.
Ask the four questions about her Mike´s sailing trips.
four different question forms.

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